>>> This workshop is now a course is on Udemy!<<<

>>> This workshop is now a course is on Udemy! <<<

Be Your Own CFO

  • Know your numbers: gross income, withholdings, taxes, benefits, net pay
  • Understand the 3 S’s: Spending, Servicing Debt, Saving & Investing
  • Discuss creative spending tactics and effective debt strategies
  • Learn how to create and use a Financial Dashboard

Investing Boot Camp

  • Realize your 2 Saving & Investing priorities
  • Understand the attributes of stocks, bonds, cash, mutual funds and ETFs
  • Review 3 key principles: Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Asset Location
  • Learn the power of tax-advantaged accounts: 401ks, IRAs, and Roth IRAs
  • See the 5 steps to designing and managing your own Investment Plan

Employee Stock Options

  • Understand the attributes of stock options, both ISOs and NSOs
  • Understand the attributes of stock awards, both RSSs and RSUs
  • Review all income tax considerations and consequences
  • Learn the 3 keys when thinking about exercising your options

Understanding Income Taxes

  • Understand federal income taxes: ordinary income, AMT, capital gains
  • Review a form 1040 and common schedules
  • Learn the most frequently missed and misunderstood deductions and credits

Estate Planning for Everyone

  • Understand what an “estate plan” is and why you need one
  • Discuss the 4 core documents: will, trust, durable powers of attorney
  • Learn the 3 mistakes to avoid making

Ready for Retirement

  • Discuss the 2 major changes: new healthcare expenses and no paycheck
  • Review health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental plans
  • Understand the 2 keys to deciding when to start Social Security benefits
  • Learn how to create income from 401k’s, IRAs, and taxable accounts